Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Can you hear the sound of my frustration? I'm having 'one of those weeks.' You know, those weeks where you wish you could crawl in a hole, curl up, and sleep? Yeah, those weeks. Where is my island when I need it? I'm going to go hide out there with a good book and a drink - or two.

My run today was about as good as my mood. I did a total of 3.3 miles, and while I ran 85% of it, I'm still not happy about it. Maybe I expect too much, too soon, but dang it - that's just how I am. Maybe I just need to shut up and keep running and stop bitching. But really, the only time that no one needs me for anything is when I'm running. That's the only time that I need me. And somehow I feel like I'm letting myself down. Blech. Maybe I just need some Bailey's in my morning coffee. ;) That would solve everything.

Hopefully Miss Kali will be feeling better today. She had some kind of bug the other day, seemed better yesterday until she went to bed last night. Poor thing was just miserable and crying until 11:00. Then she passed out and started snoring so loudly that I had to bring her back to her bed. She's louder than Alex!

If the girls can get all of their schoolwork done by Thursday, I told them we'd go to Busch Gardens on Friday. Of course, then I look and see that Friday will only be 60 and cloudy! Oh well, better than 52 - I hope.

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Nessa said...

Don't get down mama! You are doing fabulous man. Just keep on trucking, you will get there! Like you said, it's time for yourself which is hard to come by. Just go out there and do what you can and enjoy the time. Hell, I am still trying to figure out how to get from sitting to standing!

xoxo nessa