Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day!!!

Good morning, all!! It's INAUGURATION DAY!!!!! And as I said, I would try to blog throughout the day.

I woke up at 5:30, read my email, had a banana and some o.j., and got ready to run. I had changed up my songs on my iPod just for today. :) Got my jacket on, grabbed the rest of my stuff and headed out the door. Holy hell. The winds were whipping and it was coooooold! Remind me that running 2 days in a row is not a good idea. Really. I made it about 1.5 miles and I was DONE. Ugh. Normally I run every other day with other exercises (or sleep) on the other days.

As I was attempting to run, I kept thinking about what a wonderful day this is going to be! I had America's Song on my iPod (from Oprah's show yesterday) and was trying not to tear up.

The girls got up early and started watching inauguration coverage right away. They are as excited as I am, though maybe not for the same reasons.

It is now 8:50 am. My chili is simmering on the stove, and the Obama's just got in the car to go to church services. Hannah is showering, Kali's brushing her teeth, and Mary's watching with me.

It's a new day.

I shall update more as the day goes by.

10:20 am: I'm more overjoyed now. We watched Barack and Michelle arrive at the White House. Hmmm...I wonder what was in the box she gave to Laura Bush? Inquiring minds want to know.

My chili is simmering on the stove and my bagel dough is like my hope - rising. All of my girls are on the couch, watching everything. The sea of people out on the mall is just amazing. I wish we were there with them.

12:40 pm. OMG. I have no words but these:

President Barack Obama

Hope has arrived.

2:45. The bagels are done, the chili is still simmering, and the bread is baking in the oven. The house smells fantastic! I am eagerly awaiting the start of the parade down Pennsylvania Avenue. The girls are playing on the computer and Alex is back in his office, so it's me, the TV, and all the food cooking in the kitchen.

Uh oh - the luncheon is ending, it's back on TV. Yay!!!! Gotta go watch.

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Crescent Moon said...

I heard on the news last night, that the box Michelle Obama gave to Laura Bush was a journal and pen, so she can start writing her memoirs.
What an exciting day!