Monday, January 19, 2009

Various Ramblings

Story of my life, right? I do seem to ramble
on from one thing to another. Maybe I have a 'touch' of ADD?
Scatterbrained? Who knows. Either way, I'm a rambler. Better than being
a wanderer!

Here's my favorite picture at the moment.....


I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am for tomorrow.  I am giddy; positively giddy.  We will be celebrating all day long, and watching history unfold throughout the day.  I'll blog more about that tomorrow, but I just wanted to share that picture I found.

Speaking of pictures, you know I always have more!

Here's some yummy bread that I made the other day.

I had planned on using 1/2 for dinner, and 1/2 the next morning for toast.  It didn't quite work out that way.  The whole loaf was gone when dinner was done.  I had made some Rosemary White Bean soup and the bread went perfectly with it. 

Here's Mary's favorite food!!  We were hanging out at Aunt Michele's house on Sunday.  She recently moved in and needed help doing a few things.  I tried to sneak out with the massage chair, but it wouldn't fit in my bag!

This is what happens when you eat too many Doritoes and sink into a comfy chair.

These are my new shoes.  My lovely, comfy, shoes.  I put another 2.5 miles on them this morning, in the wee hours while it was foggy and slightly creepy outside.  I'll tell you, the more I run, the more I love it.  Sure, things ache afterwards, but that's expected.  Makes you realize your alive, anyways.  You can't lie about running.  You can't say "oh, I ran 200 miles" and then try to fake your way through it.  I like that.  When I can no longer feel my legs in the morning, and I'm wanting to stop, I just keep on going.  It's not far yet, but eventually I'll get there!

Two more days until Hannah's birthday!!!  Of course, we have some freaky cold snap coming down (I have heard rumblings about snow flurries late tomorrow night/early Wednesday morning) and when we go to Orlando, the high MIGHT be 55!!!!  What the hell is up with that?!?!?  My baby can't freeze on her birthday!  Ack.  That is just so wrong.

Tomorrow I will be baking/cooking all day long.  Here's my list of things I have to make:

Chili - for inauguration night
Corn Bread - ditto
Rice - ditto (In honor of our 44th President - he likes his chili over rice)
Cinnamon Raisin Bagels - Breakfast on the road on Hannah's birthday
Breakfast Cookies - ditto
Bread - for sandwiches at lunch on Wednesday and Thursday
Pasta Salad - to go with lunch

That's it - so far.  Alex will pick up a cake for Hannah and we'll all met up back at the hotel Wednesday night.  Hopefully we won't be frozen little popsicle people.  Thursday might be a bit warmer; we'll stop off at Sea World that day before we come home.

I'll try to blog throughout the day tomorrow about what's going on here and our reactions to witnessing such a historic event.  (Okay, "a historic" threw my off there, and I had to go check it out.  Depending on how you say "historic" - some regional accents tend to drop the "h," you would either say 'a historic' or 'an historic' and the grammar freak in me had to double check it.)  That ends your grammar lesson for the day.

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