Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Winter is finally on its way to Florida. According to my computer, Friday's high is only going to be 55. Break out the parkas and open up the warming centers!!!! Hopefully the cold front will pass through quickly; Hannah's birthday is next week and we're headed to Orlando.

I went back to the park on Sunday and today and ran 2 miles both times. I think I need to work on my thigh muscles and check my shoes; my calves keep seizing up and it's keeping me from running as far as I could. Or heck, maybe my out of shape butt is keeping me from running as far as I can!!! Either way I'll work it out. I'm back charting all my workouts and food on Spark People (www.sparkpeople.com) so that I can see where all my wasted calories are going. If I'm going to be working this hard on my running, I don't want to weigh the rest of me down while I'm trying!

One week until Barack Obama takes office!!!!! I cannot wait. Hannah keeps talking about it, too. I'm certain it will be an all-day celebration around this house. May we see better days soon.

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Nessa said...

Hi mama! Like the new look! You crazy woman posting @ 5am in the morning! You go girl!