Friday, January 30, 2009


I've heard that true runners run in the rain.  Actually, I've heard that true runners run in any conditions, but I'm picking rain this morning as mine.  I left the house around 6:30 and it wasn't raining at that point.  Of course, I got about 5 minutes away from the house and felt the rain, then I felt the heavier rain, and then I finally felt the pouring rain.  There's nothing like running in the rain, really.  It was quite nice; too bad my legs ran out of steam a bit earlier than I expected.  I did a total of 2.09 miles and came home looking like a drowned rat.  But it was good. 

I had to order the next set of math books for Hannah and Kali yesterday.  Kali only has 5 lessons left in hers (we do about 1 a week) and Hannah has 9 left.  Sure, there are times that we're slacking over here (or, as Hannah says - we're "slack-a-lackin'!) but my girls are motoring right through math and grammar.  I'm not quite sure what I'll do about grammar for Kali now.  She's following right along with Hannah and has fairly well mastered 2nd grade grammar already.  I guess I'll just need to have her do extra work on her writing when she's really reading.  This homeschooling stuff sure can get interesting!  I'm glad that on stuff they excel in, they can move as fast as they'd like and on things that they're not so good in, they can slow down when they need to. 

Time for some breakfast.  I'm certain my muscles are screaming for some protein by now, but I didn't want to get out of my office just yet!

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Nessa said...

Running in the rain! Now that's hard core mama! You go girl! It's like you telling me about the folks in Chicago using skies to get to work on really snowy days. Nothing can stop you know...except maybe a hurricane :o)