Thursday, January 15, 2009


So I went to "the big city" today and went to the running store. The shoes I ended up with are going back tomorrow. They were lovely while I was there, but after wearning them 1/2 the day, they were no longer lovely. Thankfully, there's no problem returning them, so hopefully I will come home with lovelier shoes. :) And even though it's supposed to be about 28 in the morning, I will go out running. I'm going to skip the park and just run through the subdivision by our house. The park, while nice, is starting to get a bit too repetitive (read: boring) and I need a change. Boring is no good for me, then I get unmotivated and ticked off. ;)

Of course, since I spent a huge chunk of time in Tampa already today, and have to go back tomorrow and then stop at a friends house, it looks like we'll be finishing up our school week on Saturday. Thank goodness for flexibility, right?!

I really need to clean out my office. It seems as though that all things lost migrate in that direction. As do lots of miscellaneous papers, toys, books, and just general stuff. It needs to find its own home and not my office. Maybe I'll do that on Saturday, too.

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