Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Random Things

You know what?  This blog originally started as a homeschooling blog.  I realize that homeschooling is probably one of the last things I talk about on here now.  Not sure why that is, though.  The girls are doing a fantastic job with all of their school work.  Just like Mary, they're great at math.  Kali is one lesson away from finishing up for the year and Hannah has 5 more lessons to do.  I'll start them on the next set of books right away; math is one of the first things you forget, (or, like me, you just forget everything at once) and I find no reason not to keep going. 

We've been doing the first volume of Story of the World for history this year.  I cannot rave about it enough.  I already have volume 2 waiting for next year.  I think I've learned as much as the girls have.  I'm hoping that volume 2 has better activities to go with each chapter; the ones this year, at times, were really interesting. 

We're also about 3 weeks from finishing up grammar, too! much for me feeling guilty on the days we haven't done a thing.  Kali's doing the same work that Hannah's doing in grammar, minus the writing.  It's hard to write stories when you can't read them!  She's working hard on her reading, but I'm waiting for her attention span to find her. 

I know that our school year isn't over with yet, but I'm just amazed at how much they're learned already.  Is there a course for common sense, though?  Hannah seems to need a refresher course.  ;)  There are still days where I tell them that I'm going to stick them on the next school bus, but I think they've figured out that mama's just frustrated at that point and that I really don't mean it.  There goes my means of messing with them!  I truly enjoy homeschooling them and treasure our mornings when we're sitting around the table and talking to each other.  Each of them possesses a sense of humor and wisdom that is beyond their years.  They are inquisitive, ask the best questions, and suck up knowledge like gigantic sponges.  They also possess the ability to make me wish that it was okay to put Bailey's in my morning coffee. 

Here's a picture of them from yesterday.

They were watching a documentary on Pluto.  See the big balls on the couch (oh stop laughing!!)?  Kali said the big one is Pluto.  She was upset that poor Pluto got demoted, though they were giggling when they found out that's how Disney's Pluto got his name.

Pluto even got rolled into the laundry room so they could fold up the napkins.  Way to multi-task, Pluto!  ;)

I took this because it looked so darn pretty on my plate. :)  Last night's spicy tuna cakes, salad, and Alex's tartar sauce.  They were really yummy.

My basil is still alive!  Go me. 

This is the spicy globe basil.  Hopefully all my basil will keep growing.  My lettuce is doing well, but my green onion and chives aren't looking so good at the moment.

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