Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekend cooking

I had a lovely Saturday cooking with my friend Vanessa. :) We had (I hope!) a blast cooking a bunch of things for our freezers. I made a batch of Rosemary White Bean soup and a few batches of rice. Vanessa made some really yummy pasta sauce, meatballs, and pasta - which are all in my freezer at the moment. I would have made more stuff, but there was a little incident with my pinkie and the blade on my food chopper - OMG, and I wasn't even chopping food! I was attempting to save it from falling on the floor; not a good idea. I'm not a happy camper today.

Here's a few pictures from our afternoon in the kitchen....


Gee, Vanessa, what were you doing here?!? ;) Are you showing me how your pinky isn't dripping with gallons of blood?

Kristjan fell asleep on the floor while we were cooking. Dang he's so cute! Alex was trying to keep him here with us.

Meatballs, anyone? They look so yummy, but I haven't had any of them yet.

Check out the huge batch of red sauce that was simmering for hours on the stove. I think I may have to change my menu around this week so I can have some.

Here's some brown rice cooling off on the counter. Baking your brown rice is the BEST way to make it; seriously. I wouldn't lie to you.

Here's Vanessa making some pasta. She left both batches with me when she was done with them. :) Yep, definitely going to have to change the menu around this week. Oops! I realize I haven't even posted the new picture yet! I promise I'll get to that. It's been a busy weekend and I'm doing this update in between 10,000 other things.

Check out the finished pasta. Mmmmmmmmmmmm

I think that while I was mopping up my injury in the bathroom, Vanessa must have been sneaking some of my rum. Really. Kristjan liked Kali's stroller that she puts her dolls in and wanted to be pushed around in it. Vanessa put him in the stroller, and then proceeded to push my kitchen chair. Yep. She somehow mistook my wooden kitchen chair for a stroller with her son in it. I was laughing hysterically. Then I tried to put the coffee pot into the fridge. Hmmmm...maybe I was the one drinking the rum?!

This time change has me all out of whack! I think I'll be running in the dark tomorrow morning unless I leave about 40 minutes later. Hmmmm.....extra sleep or extra run time??? Decisions, decisions.


Val in the Rose Garden said...

Doesn't sound like rum... it sounds like it was in the water! lol!

Those noodles look AMAZING! I will have to see how much that bit is for my Kitchenaid... my dh would LOVE that!


Nessa said...

I am such a dork! I had a blast! We should do that again! Had some of the soup Sat night with some bread. Both Chris and I ate so much we couldn't move! It was soooo good!