Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I totally forgot to put up the new menu for the week!  Sorry!!!  Here's a picture of it....

Sorry!  We had a busy weekend and it just slipped my mind.  Of course, most things slip my mind without much trouble.

Hannah's friend was over for a few hours Saturday night.  She lives a few houses down from us.  While we adults think we're fairly intelligent, it takes a child to show you how to unlock secret games on your Wii.  Oh my goodness, we would have gone years before we found them.  Thank you, Alexis.  :)

We ended up at one of my most favorite places yesterday......Downtown Disney.  Yeah, baby!  We stopped in T-Rex to check out the dinosaurs. 

See, even in March it's a bit chilly down here sometimes.  I think we could have left our jackets on all day.

Then we met up with my friend Brooke and her two little girls.  Gee, my kids can't go anywhere without their bags.  Hannah said "well, where would I keep my money then?!"  Smart girl.  She ended up buying herself another pin while we were there yesterday.

Then we hopped on the boat for the other side of Downtown Disney. 

This is their best biker chick look. 

Dang, they're cute!

We took the bus over to the Animal Kingdom Lodge for a while.  Hannah wanted to go sit around the fire pit. 

So we did.  :)  No reason to rush!

Yes, this is how I spent part of my Monday.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.  Anything for my girls!  ;)

As always, Kali was enthralled with the flowers.  Flower, sticks, and rocks. 

We had lots of fun, brought lots of food, and spent little money.  I love doing Disney stuff on the cheap.  Think they'd let me move in?  We could do a documentary - Homeschooling in Disney.  I'm up for it!!

Kali did her first lesson in Alpha (her next math book).  My girl rocks.  She did a fabulous job.  We're taking a spring break week in April, but I think I should change the week.  I think everyone else will be on spring break down here, so I might pick the next week.  Hey, I like going places when they're not crowded!  Hopefully I can head back out to Orlando; that would be nice.  I love hanging out with my girls; we always have a blast together. 

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